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Dr. Nele Meyer

Dr. Nele Meyer

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Soil Ecology

Department of Soil Ecology

Research interests:

  • Carbon turnover and storage in soils on different spatial scales (µm to landscape scale)
  • Influence of nutrient availability and temperature on spatial patterns of C turnover in soil
  • Methods: 13C and 15N experiments, respiration measurements, biomarkers, artificial intelligence

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Soil Ecology

Selected publications


Nele Meyer, Yi Xu, Katri Karjalainen, Sylwia Adamczyk, Christina Biasi, Lona van Delden, Angela Martin, Kevin Mganga, Kristiina Myller, Outi-Maaria Sietiö, Otso Suominen, Kristiina Karhu: Living, dead, and absent trees : How do moth outbreaks shape small-scale patterns of soil organic matter stocks and dynamics at the Subarctic mountain birch treeline?. In: Global Change Biology, 28 (2022). - S. 441-462.


Jana Eichel, Daniel Draebing, Nele Meyer: From active to stable : Paraglacial transition of Alpine lateral moraine slopes. In: Land Degradation & Development, 29 (2018). - S. 4158-4172.

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Soil Ecology

Dr. Nele Meyer

University of Bayreuth, Soil Ecology
Dr.-Hans-Frisch-Straße 1-3
D 95448 Bayreuth

Phone: +49(0)921/55-5610
E-mail: nele.meyer@uni-bayreuth.de
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