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Hendrik T. Spanke, Robert W. Style, Claire François-Martin, Maria Feofilova, Manuel Eisentraut, Holger Kress, Jaime Agudo-Canalejo, Eric R. Dufresne: Wrapping of Microparticles by Floppy Lipid Vesicles. In: Physical Review Letters, 125 (2020). - .

Rebecca Benelli, Philipp Struntz, Dirk Hofmann, Matthias Weiss: Quantifying spatiotemporal gradient formation in early Caenorhabditis elegans embryos with lightsheet microscopy. In: Journal of Physics D, 53 (2020). - .

Alexander Rohrbach, Tim Meyer, Ernst H. K. Stelzer, Holger Kress: Measuring Stepwise Binding of Thermally Fluctuating Particles to Cell Membranes without Fluorescence. In: Biophysical Journal, 118 (2020). - S. 1850-1860.

Christian Bächer, Markus Bender, Stephan Gekle: Flow-accelerated platelet biogenesis is due to an elasto-hydrodynamic instability. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 117 (2020). - S. 18969-18976.

Adal Sabri, Xinran Xu, Diego Krapf, Matthias Weiss: Elucidating the Origin of Heterogeneous Anomalous Diffusion in the Cytoplasm of Mammalian Cells. In: Physical Review Letters, 125 (2020). - .

Kewei Zhao, Andreas Hohmann, Irene Faber, Yu Chang, Binghong Gao: A 2-year longitudinal follow-up of performance characteristics in Chinese male elite youth athletes from swimming and racket sports. In: PLoS One, 15 (2020). - .

Jürgen Kreyling, Kerstin Grant, Verena Hammerl, Mohammed Abu Sayed Arfin Khan, Andrey Malyshev, Josep Peñuelas, Karin Pritsch, Jordi Sardans, Michael Schloter, Jan Schürings, Anke Jentsch, Carl Beierkuhnlein: Winter warming is ecologically more relevant than summer warming in a cool-temperate grassland. In: Scientific Reports, 9 (2019). - .

Christopher M. Kellett, Steven R. Weller, Timm Faulwasser, Lars Grüne, Willi Semmler: Feedback, dynamics, and optimal control in climate economics. In: Annual Reviews in Control, 47 (2019). - S. 7-20.

Michael Cosacchi, Florian Ungar, Moritz Cygorek, Alexei Vagov, Vollrath Martin Axt: Emission-Frequency Separated High Quality Single-Photon Sources Enabled by Phonons. In: Physical Review Letters, 123 (2019). - .

Christian Bächer, Stephan Gekle: Computational modeling of active deformable membranes embedded in three-dimensional flows. In: Physical Review E, 99 (2019). - .

Anke Jentsch, Peter S. White: A theory of pulse dynamics and disturbance in ecology. In: Ecology, 100 (2019). - .

Maximilian Siener, Andreas Hohmann: Talent orientation : the impact of motor abilities on future success in table tennis. In: German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research, 49 (2019). - S. 232-243.

Maximilian Siener, Irene Faber, Andreas Hohmann: Prognostic Validity of Statistical Prediction Methods Used for Talent Identification in Youth Tennis Players Based on Motor Abilities. In: Applied Sciences, 11 (2021). - .

Miriam Kießling, Sascha Kurz, Jörg Rambau: An exact column-generation approach for the lot-type design problem. In: TOP : An Official Journal of the Spanish Society of Statistics and Operations Research, 29 (2021). - S. 741-780.

Jan Cammann, Fabian Jan Schwarzendahl, Tanya Ostapenko, Danylo Lavrentovich, Oliver Bäumchen, Marco G. Mazza: Emergent probability fluxes in confined microbial navigation. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118 (2021). - .

Konrad Berghoff, Wolfgang Gross, Manuel Eisentraut, Holger Kress: Using Blinking Optical Tweezers to Study Cell Rheology During Initial Cell-Particle Contact. In: Biophysical Journal, 120 (2021). - S. 3527-3537.

Martin James, Dominik A. Suchla, Jörn Dunkel, Michael Wilczek: Emergence and melting of active vortex crystals. In: Nature Communications, 12 (2021). - .

Mahir Hadžić, Zhiwu Lin, Gerhard Rein: Stability and instability of self-gravitating relativistic matter distributions. In: Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, 241 (2021). - S. 1-89.

Colin-Marius Koch, Michael Wilczek: Role of Advective Inertia in Active Nematic Turbulence. In: Physical Review Letters, 127 (2021). - .

Lars Grüne, Thomas Kriecherbauer, Michael Margaliot: Random attraction in the TASEP model. In: SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 20 (2021). - S. 65-93.

Mahir Hadžić, Gerhard Rein, Christopher Straub: On the Existence of Linearly Oscillating Galaxies. In: Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, 243 (2022). - S. 611-696.

Stefan Hochstein, Dirk Hohenstein, Andreas Hohmann: Goal Shot Analysis in Elite Water Polo : World Cup Final 2018 in Berlin. In: Applied Sciences, 12 (2022). - .

Lars Grüne: Dissipativity and optimal control : Examining the Turnpike Phenomenon. In: IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 42 (2022). - S. 74-87.

Lukas Bentkamp, Theodore D. Drivas, Cristian Lalescu, Michael Wilczek: The statistical geometry of material loops in turbulence. In: Nature Communications, 13 (2022). - .

Yannic Fischler, Martin Rückamp, Christian Bischof, Vadym Aizinger, Mathieu Morlighem, Angelika Humbert: A scalability study of the Ice-sheet and Sea-level System Model (ISSM, version 4.18). In: Geoscientific Model Development, 15 (2022). - S. 3753-3771.

Aufsatz in einem Buch

Hennes Hajduk, Dmitri Kuzmin, Vadym Aizinger: Bathymetry Reconstruction Using Inverse ShallowWater Models : Finite Element Discretization and Regularization. In: Harald van Brummelen, Alessandro Corsini, Simona Perotto, Gianluigi Rozza (Hrsg.): Numerical Methods for Flows : FEF 2017 Selected Contributions. - Cham : Springer, 2020. - S. 223-230.

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