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The establishment of research networks is the long-term research objective of the focus area Advanced Materials. One topic it addresses is the investigation of materials for "latent heat storage", i.e. efficient storage of heat. Here phase transitions, for example from solid to liquid, are used in an advantageous way.

The investigation of so-called "interpenetrating structures", another research topic, has to do with materials that elicit positive effects from each other such that an increase in efficiency can be observed. The focus area also investigates materials that prove to be heat-resistant at extremely high temperatures. This is a crucial criterion in areas such as machine building and plant construction.

The scientific objective of the the focus area Advanced Materials is thus to investigate composites and materials as well as to reduce resource use and develop new resources of rare elements such as rhenium, cerium, platinum, palladium, and antimony. The researchers expect to achieve savings and realize potential for technical innovation using these elements.

High-temperature materials and lightweight construction materials, e.g. for use in the mobility sector, represent another research focus. The topic of electrochemistry is also addressed. This deals with topics such as battery technology, electroplating, and corrosion. Materials for energy technology are also relevant to the focus area Advanced Materials.

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