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Das Profilfeld Hochdruck- und Hochtemperaturforschung an der Universität Bayreuth

Key Labs

The Bavarian Research Institute of Experimental Geochemistry & Geophysics (BGI) is one of University of Bayreuth’s main research centres. It currently includes the following Key Laboratories:

Key Laboratories
High-pressure instrumentation
  • 15 MN/1500 tonne Kawai-type multianvil high-pressure apparatus (40 GPa, 2000 K)
  • 6 x 8 MN/6x800 tonne independently acting-anvil press (25 GPa, 3000 K)
  • 50 MN/5000 tonne multianvil press (25 GPa, 3000 K)
  • 12 MN/1200 tonne multianvil press (25 GPa, 3000 K)
  • 10 MN/1000 tonne multianvil press (25 GPa, 3000 K)
  • 5 MN/500 tonne multianvil press (20 GPa, 3000 K)
  • 5 MN/500 tonne press with a deformation DIA apparatus
  • 4 piston-cylinder presses (4 GPa, 2100 K)
  • Cold-seal vessels (700 MPa, 1100 K, H2O), TZM vessels (300 MPa, 1400 K, gas), rapid-quench device
  • Internally-heated autoclave (1 GPa, 1600 K)
  • High-pressure gas loading apparatus for DAC

Structural and chemical analysis

  • 1 X-ray powder diffractometer
  • 1 X-ray powder micro-diffractometer
  • 1 X-ray powder diffractometer with furnace and cryostat
  • 2 automated single-crystal X-ray diffractometers
  • High-brilliance X-ray system
  • Single crystal X-ray diffraction with super-bright source
  • 1 Mössbauer spectrometer (1.5 - 1300 K)
  • 3 Mössbauer microspectrometers
  • 2 FTIR spectrometers with IR microscope
  • FEG transmission electron microscope (TEM), 200 kV analytical, with EDS and PEELS
  • FEG scanning TEM, 80-200 kV analytical, with 4-SDDs EDS and post-column energy filter (EFTEM/EELS)
  • FEG scanning electron microscope (SEM) with BSE detector, EDS, EBSD and CL
  • Dual beam device, focused ion beam (FIB) and FEG SEM. In situ easy-lift manipulator, STEM and EDS detector, and beam deceleration option
  • 3 Micro-Raman spectrometers with ultraviolet and visible lasers
  • Tandem-multipass Fabry-Perot interferometer for Brillouin scattering spectroscopy
  • JEOL JXA-8200 electron microprobe; fully-automated with 14 crystals, 5 spectrometer configuration, EDX, capability for light elements
  • 193 nm Excimer Laser-Ablation ICP-MS
  • ICP-AES sequential spectrometer
  • Water content determination by Karl-Fischer titration
  • GC/MS-MS for organic analyses
  • Confocal 3D surface measurement system

In-situ determination of properties

  • ​Diamond anvil cells for powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction, Mössbauer, IR, Raman, optical spectroscopy, electrical resistivity measurements up to at least 100 GPa
  • Facility for in situ hydrothermal studies in DAC
  • Externally heated DACs for in situ studies at pressures to 100 GPa and 1200 K
  • 1-atm furnaces to 1950 K, gas mixing to 1600 K, zirconia fO2 probes
  • 1-atm high-temperature creep apparatus
  • Gigahertz ultrasonic interferometer with interface to resistance-heated diamond-anvil cells
  • Heating stage for fluid inclusion studies
  • Impedance/gain-phase analyser for electrical conductivity studies
  • Apparatus for in situ measurements of thermal diffusivity at high P and T
  • Laser-heating facility for DAC
  • Portable laser heating system for DAC

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