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The Focus Area Nonlinear Dynamics at the University of Bayreuth

Understanding complexity

Simple systems usually behave in a linear fashion: the time needed by a bicycle rider to reach a given destination grows linearly with the distance. The real world is not so simple. Even small hills or adverse winds can notably disrupt this simple linear relation between distance and travel time.

It is the goal of our Focus Area Nonlinear Dynamics to understand such phenomena. Nonlinear effects can be found in all areas of nature and technology. To account for this, our Focus Area is highly interdisciplinary. The basis is formed by solid experimental data originating from the natural, engineering or social sciences. A first approach to their understanding is provided by theoretical models. In order to apply these models to the complexities of the real world, computer-based algorithms and simulation methods are needed. These are developed and applied within our Focus Area. For this, the two associated research institutions MODUS and BZHPC play a particularly distinguished role. They connect many of the activities in our Focus Area, but due to their broad character also provide strong links to the other research activities of our University. [read more...]

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