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Powerful cooperation

The focus area Food & Health Sciences currently maintains two important partnerships. The focus area's teaching and research are closely linked with the Max Rubner Institute (MRI), a national research institute for food and nutrition. The MRI concentrates its research on health-related consumer protection in the area of nutrition. Established in 2008, the MRI advises Germany's Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in this field. The forerunner to the institute was the BtEL. In addition to its headquarters in Karlsruhe, the Max Rubner Institute also has sites in Kiel, Detmold, and Kulmbach. The MRI works together closely with the University of Bayreuth, especially at their site in the nearby town of Kulmbach.

The Competence Centre for Nutrition is also an important cooperation partner for the focus area. Established in 2011, the centre has sites in Freising and Kulmbach and operates under the responsibility of the Bavarian Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry. It is tasked with ensuring exchange between research, food production, and nutritional education. The objective is to facilitate the flow of information between the various groups involved and to quickly transfer cutting-edge knowledge to practice. The focus area is a scientific partner of the centre and supports its objectives. For example, in 2014 a joint seminar on the topic of food intolerances was organized.

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