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Linking existing expertise

The focus area Food & Health Sciences brings together established experts from the fields of biology, health economics, sports science, and food law. A range of research institutes at the University of Bayreuth and beyond are involved in the focus area's activities. 

The Institute for Healthcare Management and Health Sciences engages in a variety of different research activities, from health economics to anthropological issues. For more than two decades, the Centre for Food Law has maintained a reputation for its expertise in addressing issues surrounding the regulation of food and the tension between national and European legislation. These institutions share an explicitly interdisciplinary approach. 

The Centre for Food Quality in Kulmbach provides a platform for interdisciplinary projects in the field of food science. The Botanical Garden hosts projects dealing with topics such as the cultivation of tropical crop plants. The Research Centre for Consumer Law is dedicated to the scientific investigation of consumer law in Germany, Europe, and beyond.

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