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Das Profilfeld Hochdruck- und Hochtemperaturforschung an der Universität Bayreuth

Master’s programme in the focus area

Understanding the Earth’s Structure and Dynamics

The master’s programme Experimental Geosciences offers training and research in a central area of modern Earth sciences, the experimental simulation of processes in the earth.  A better understanding of Earth’s materials helps determine the physical and chemical properties of materials.

This programme of study includes a range of traditional scientific fields: mineralogy, crystallography, solid-state physics, inorganic chemistry, materials science, geochemistry, cosmochemistry, and geophysics. These fields are crucial to understanding the structure and dynamics of the earth.

The master’s programme Experimental Geosciences is based on the expertise of the Bavarian Research Institute of Experimental Geochemistry & Geophysics (BGI)  in high-temperature and high-pressure research. The institute is one of the University of Bayreuth’s central research units and represents one of the world’s leading research and training institutions in the field of experimental geochemistry and geophysics. Materials science is a further area of emphasis in which intensive industry collaboration is particularly helpful. 

Working in small research groups

The master’s programme integrates students into small research groups from the beginning on. They work on their own projects under the close supervision of experienced scholars. Experimental work in the laboratory is supplemented with lectures along with literature and research seminars. The language of instruction is English.

Master’s students enrolled in this programme are eligible for financial aid in the form of individual scholarships offered by the BGI. ...more

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