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Food and Health Sciences

Being healthy and staying healthy: research and practice

Nutrition and health are concepts that are familiar to us all. However, the scientific and social challenges associated with these concepts are immense. How do we promote health maintenance in an aging society? What foods are healthy and why? Is it possible to sustainably produce adequate quantities of high-quality food? What set of rules will be our best guide through the conflicting range of priorities between safety and economic feasibility, enjoyment and endangerment, consumer rights, and lack of information?

With its special research expertise and partners and joint projects in Germany and abroad, the University of Bayreuth is contributing future-oriented research findings and approaches to answering such questions in a way that is both scientifically substantiated and practice-relevant.  The University of Bayreuth bundles this expertise in its interdisciplinary focus area Food & Health Sciences.

This focus area brings together research expertise in fields such as food and consumer law, ecology, biology, biochemistry of food, health economics, marketing, and sport science. Our aim is to achieve an interdisciplinary approach to arriving at scientifically substantiated and practice-relevant findings in order to support a healthy and sustainable food supply and effective health maintenance.

Webmaster: Dr. Hanna Schösler

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