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Governance & Responsibility

Five Research Areas – One Goal

The interdisciplinary focus area Governance & Responsibility is a joint research platform for the Faculty of Business, Economics & Law (III) and the Faculty of Cultural Studies (V) involving over 30 full professors and various research institutes.

The aim of the focus area Governance & Responsibility is to promote excellence in research via internal and external cooperation between its contributors. To achieve this goal, fundamental factors in social, economic, and ecological transformation processes are investigated on a national and international scale by way of future-oriented interdisciplinary research.
Five research fields examining different aspects of governance and responsibility have established themselves under the umbrella of this focus area.

  • Research Area I: Family Businesses & Medium-Sized Companies

  • Research Area II: Financial Markets & Regulation

  • Research Area III: Organizational Integration & Control of Companies in an Increasingly Globalized Environment

  • Research Area IV: Structures & Processes of Collective Decision-Making

  • Research Area V: Sustainability & Social Responsibility

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