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BiodivERsA Research Project SIGNAL


Laufzeit: 2013 – 2016

The SIGNAL research project, funded by the BiodivERsA call of the ERA-Net, focuses on the effects of extreme weather events on biodiversity, ecosystem functions, resilience and tipping points in grasslands along a pan-European climatic gradient.

SCIENCE objectives

  • to asses resilience status and the functional significance of biodiversity elements for the maintenance of ecosystem functioning in grasslands prone to climate extremes

  • to investigate how resilience status and early warning signals of regime shift may vary across different bioclimatic regions of Europe

  • to combine the strengths of joint experimental and GIS modelling approaches

  • to produce recommendations to take up new biodiversity-function related indicators and their measuring protocols to monitoring activities and contributing to the development of the European Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network

  • to contribute to other global science networks, such as INTERFACE, IGBP and DIVERSITAS within the Earth System Science Partnership

  • to link scientific excellence to policy and practice in the field of biodiversity.

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