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Prof. ​Dr.-Ing. Holger Ruckdäschel

Prof. ​Dr.-Ing. Holger Ruckdäschel

Polymere Werkstoffe

Selected publications


Meides, Nora; Mauel, Anika; Menzel, Teresa; Altstädt, Volker; Ruckdäschel, Holger; Senker, Jürgen; Strohriegl, Peter
Quantifying the fragmentation of polypropylene upon exposure to accelerated weathering
in Microplastics and Nanoplastics volume 2 (2022) issue 1
doi:10.1186/s43591-022-00042-2 ...

Bubmann, Tobias
Transparente PC/PMMA Blends : Einfluss der Funktionalisierung auf optische, morphologische und ...
Bayreuth, 2022. - X, 169 page
doi:10.15495/EPub_UBT_00006509 ...
(dissertation, 2022, )

Bubmann, Tobias; Shi, Simon; Brückner, Alexander; Menzel, Teresa; Ruckdäschel, Holger; Schlarb, Alois K.; Altstädt, Volker
Influence of Sample Wetting Method on ESC-Behavior of PMMA under Dynamic Fatigue Crack Propagat ...
in Materials volume 15 (2022) issue 12
doi:10.3390/ma15124114 ...

Sommer, Caroline; Nguyen, Johnny; Menzel, Teresa; Prume, Julia A.; Ruckdäschel, Holger; Koch, Martin
Weathering-induced oxidation : An investigation of artificially aged polystyrene samples using ...
in Polymer Testing volume 112 (2022)
doi:10.1016/j.polymertesting.2022.107623 ...

Heinz, Michael; Callsen, Christoph; Stöcklein, Waldemar; Altstädt, Volker; Ruckdäschel, Holger
Halogen-free flame-retardant cable compounds : Influence of magnesium-di-hydroxide filler and c ...
in Polymer Engineering & Science volume 62 (2022) issue 2. - page 461-471
doi:10.15495/EPub_UBT_00006112 ...

Demleitner, Martin; Schönl, Florian; Angermann, Jörg; Fässler, Pascal; Lamparth, Iris; Rist, Kai; Schnur, Thomas; Catel, Yohann; Rosenfeldt, Sabine; Retsch, Markus; Ruckdäschel, Holger; Altstädt, Volker
Influence of Block Copolymer Concentration and Resin Crosslink Density on the Properties of UV- ...
in Macromolecular Materials and Engineering volume 307 (2022) issue 10
doi:10.1002/mame.202200320 ...

Standau, Tobias; Nofar, Mohammadreza; Dörr, Dominik; Ruckdäschel, Holger; Altstädt, Volker
A Review on Multifunctional Epoxy-Based Joncryl® ADR Chain Extended Thermoplastics
in Polymer Reviews volume 62 (2022) issue 2. - page 296-350
doi:10.1080/15583724.2021.1918710 ...


Brütting, Christian; Dreier, J.; Bonten, C.; Altstädt, Volker; Ruckdäschel, Holger
Amorphous Polylactide Bead Foam : Effect of Talc and Chain Extension on Foaming Behavior and Co ...
in Journal of Renewable Materials volume 9 (2021) issue 11. - page 1859-1868
doi:10.32604/jrm.2021.016244 ...

Koedel, Justus; Seibt, Sebastian; Callsen, Christoph; Puchtler, Florian; Weise, Markus; Weidinger, Andy; Altstädt, Volker; Ruckdäschel, Holger; Schobert, Rainer; Biersack, Bernhard
DNA as a Natural Flame Retardant for Cellulose Acetate Polymer Mixtures
in ChemistrySelect volume 6 (2021) issue 15. - page 3605-3609
doi:10.1002/slct.202004493 ...

Mattar, Nour; Langlois, Valérie; Renard, Estelle; Rademacker, Tim; Hübner, Fabian; Demleitner, Martin; Altstädt, Volker; Ruckdäschel, Holger; Rios de Anda, Agustin
Fully Bio-Based Epoxy-Amine Thermosets Reinforced with Recycled Carbon Fibers as a Low Carbon-F ...
in ACS Applied Polymer Materials volume 3 (2021) issue 1. - page 426-435
doi:10.1021/acsapm.0c01187 ...

Menzel, Teresa; Weigert, Sebastian; Gagsteiger, Andreas; Eich, Yannik; Sittl, Sebastian; Papastavrou, Georg; Ruckdäschel, Holger; Altstädt, Volker; Höcker, Birte
Impact of Enzymatic Degradation on the Material Properties of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate)
in Polymers volume 13 (2021) issue 22
doi:10.3390/polym13223885 ...

Kuhnigk, Justus; Raps, Daniel; Standau, Tobias; Luik, Marius; Altstädt, Volker; Ruckdäschel, Holger
Insights into the Bead Fusion Mechanism of Expanded Polybutylene Terephthalate (E-PBT)
in Polymers volume 13 (2021) issue 4
doi:10.3390/polym13040582 ...

Dreier, Julia; Brütting, Christian; Ruckdäschel, Holger; Altstädt, Volker; Bonten, Christian
Investigation of the Thermal and Hydrolytic Degradation of Polylactide during Autoclave Foaming
in Polymers volume 13 (2021) issue 16
doi:10.3390/polym13162624 ...

Kaysser, Simon T.; Bethke, Christian; Romero, Isabel Fernandez; Wei, Angeline Wo Weng; Keun, Christian A.; Ruckdäschel, Holger; Altstädt, Volker
Investigations on Epoxy-Carbamate Foams Modified with Different Flame Retardants for High-Perfo ...
in Polymers volume 13 (2021) issue 22
doi:10.15495/EPub_UBT_00006577 ...

Hübner, Fabian; Brückner, Alexander; Dickhut, Tobias; Altstädt, Volker; Rios de Anda, Agustín; Ruckdäschel, Holger
Low temperature fatigue crack propagation in toughened epoxy resins aimed for filament winding ...
in Polymer Testing volume 102 (2021)
doi:10.1016/j.polymertesting.2021.107323 ...

Du Ngoc, Uy Lan; Bethke, Christian; Altstädt, Volker; Ruckdäschel, Holger
New Insights on Expandability of Pre-Cured Epoxy Using a Solid-State CO₂-Foaming Technique
in Polymers volume 13 (2021) issue 15
doi:10.3390/polym13152441 ...

Meides, Nora; Menzel, Teresa; Pötzschner, Björn; Löder, Martin G. J.; Mansfeld, Ulrich; Strohriegl, Peter; Altstädt, Volker; Senker, Jürgen
Reconstructing the Environmental Degradation of Polystyrene by Accelerated Weathering
in Environmental Science & Technology volume 55 (2021) issue 12. - page 7930-7938
doi:10.1021/acs.est.0c07718 ...

Bethke, Christian; Kaysser, Simon T.; Du Ngoc, Uy Lan; Goller, Sebastian M.; van der Zwan, Kasper P.; Senker, Jürgen; Ruckdäschel, Holger; Altstädt, Volker
Synthesis and Characterization of Dual-Functional Carbamates as Blowing and Curing Agents for E ...
in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research volume 60 (2021) issue 19. - page 7065-7080
doi:10.1021/acs.iecr.0c05262 ...

Bethke, Christian; Goller, Sebastian M.; Du Ngoc, Uy Lan; Kaysser, Simon Tino; Altstädt, Volker; Ruckdäschel, Holger
Tailoring Epoxy Resin Foams by Pre-Curing with Neat Amine Hardeners and Its Derived Carbamates
in Polymers volume 13 (2021) issue 8
doi:10.3390/polym13081348 ...


Ruckdäschel, Holger; Sandler, Jan K. W.; Altstädt, Volker
On the Friction and Wear of Carbon Nanofibre-Reinforced PEEK-Based Polymer Nanocomposites
Tribology of polymeric nanocomposites : friction and wear of bulk materials and coatings. 2nd Edition
Amsterdam : Elsevier, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2013 (Tribology and Interface Engineering Series; 55)


Ruckdäschel, Holger; Ruch, J.; Hahn, Klaus
Development of Innovative and Sustainable Foam Solutions
Blowing agents and foaming processes 2011 : [13th international conference] ; Düsseldorf, Germany, 10 - 11 May 2011
Shawbury : Smithers RAPRA, 2011

Ruckdäschel, Holger; Hingmann, R.; Ruch, J.; Hahn, Klaus
Development of polymer foams : Trends & sustainability
69th annual technical conference of the Society of Plastics Engineers 2011, (ANTEC 2011) : Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 1 - 5 May 2011
Red Hook, NY : Curran, 2011


Ruckdäschel, Holger; Sandler, Jan K. W.; Wassner, Erik; Hahn, Klaus
The Innovation Potential of Polymer Foams
Blowing agents and foaming processes : [12th international conference] ; Cologne, Germany, 19 - 20 May 2010
Shawbury : Smithers RAPRA, 2010


Gutmann, Peter; Greiner, C.; Ruckdäschel, Holger; Bangarusampath, D. S.; Altstädt, Volker
Polystyrol-Acrylnitril Nanokomposite Schäume
Verbundwerkstoffe : 17. Symposium Verbundwerkstoffe und Werkstoffverbunde
Weinheim : Wily-VCH, 2009. - page 174-180
doi:10.1002/9783527627110.ch24 ...

Ruckdäschel, Holger
Trends in Polymer Foam Research
Blowing agents and foaming processes 2009 : 11th international conference ; Hamburg, Germany, 19 - 20 May 2009
Shawbury : Smithers RAPRA, 2009


Bangarusampath, D. S.; Altstädt, Volker; Ruckdäschel, Holger; Sandler, Jan K. W.; Shaffer, Milo S. P.
Dispergierung von carbon nanotubes in poly(ether ether keton) und deren Effekte auf die rheolog ...
in Kunststoffe volume 4 (2008) issue 6


Ruckdäschel, Holger; Altstädt, Volker; Müller, Volker H. E.
Tailoring of Cellular Polymers by Blending
PPS 23 : The Polymer Processing Society 23th Annual Meeting, Salvador, Brazil

Polymere Werkstoffe

Prof. ​Dr.-Ing. Holger Ruckdäschel

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