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Global change: ramifications, forecasts, solutions

Changes in climate and land use can be observed all over the world. Researchers in this focus area analyze material cycles in soil and water, and explore the ways past, present, and future changes affect organisms and the way they interact with one another. Our researchers also develop strategies to adapt to global change and mitigate its effects. We investigate ecosystem processes, their regulation, stability, and interactions as a basis for the sustainable use of their benefits such as biomass production, carbon sequestration, and supplying drinking water.

Fostering biodiversity

In our focus area, researchers investigate biodiversity patterns of organisms on a range of different scales and identify key controlling mechanisms.  We explore the stability of biodiversity and its role in ecosystems, and look at ways to protect diversity for future generations.  Research focuses on plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms with a view to genetics, classifications, and functions –  in locations ranging from fields in temperate regions to tropical rain forests.

Environmental protection & nature conservation: strategies and realization

Air, water, soil, the climate, many species and even entire ecosystems are all exposed to a variety of risks. Most of these risks are caused by humans. The researchers in our profile field analyse the extent and sources of these dangers, develop technology and management solutions, and manage the implementation of such solutions.

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Collaborative Research Centre 1357 ​Microplastics Christian Laforsch, Andreas Greiner

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